Porcelain Painting

  • 2020年5月6日

Yours forever

Little by little My heart will Blend in Make your mind Stronger soon So for a while Dear mom, you […]

  • 2020年4月22日


Even if she pat Or pull badly Olga will never angry at 'Cause she truly loves Juliet Juliet and Olga 12×16 […]

  • 2020年4月20日


My hairdryer A bit good one I go walk even in the rainy A long story in shorter, I was […]

  • 2020年4月20日

A walk

'Cause my dad has dog allergy I cannot have any No worry, I have many In the park nearby! So […]

  • 2020年4月9日


Do you believe in destiny? Very before in our long history Owner was an aristocratic boy I was his close […]

  • 2020年4月5日

Give paw!

Yot-chan : "Paw! Paw!" TRUE : "But you do not have any treats" Six years past Yot-chan, you became a […]